1. An utterly stupid and terrible response to a comment or insult when someone cannot think of a comeback.
"You are so racist!"
"Your mums racist"
by Jarrow767 March 11, 2015
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A dumb joke that idiots use like me.

idiots also use it for roasting people but we all know that won't work
roast: person: boii you look like saggy wet noodles

idiot: like your mum?
by WhoEatDaOreo January 14, 2017
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A defence mechanism in any slightly confrontational situation that can either be hilarious if used in an innovative way or make you look like a complete idiot (hence the phrase being common place with chavs and other nonentities).
# please a your mum joke can only be humourous if you use a mocking voice to show that you are merely taking the mick out of someone who would use sucha phrase and think it were hilarious (i.e. a nonentity)
reasonably good use of the phrase-
fred: 'my word it is hot today'
george: 'so was your mum last night after i roasted her over the table (alright, gigidy gigidy!)' #said in a mockingly moronic tone

bad use of the phrase-
Ben:'did i here you got an E in english language Lewis?'
Lewis: 'your mum (wayyyyyyyyy)' #said in a hereditary moronic tone
by dan baylis March 22, 2007
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To be used in several, subtely different ways.
Situation #1
A: "Your gay*"
B: "Your mums gay"
A: "Your face is gay"
B: "Your ex is gay"
A: "True"
B: "oh noes!"

*In this situation, the term gay is used in a non-derogatory to homosexuals kind of way. In this context, it means stupid and annoying.

Situation #2
A: "You know xyz..."
B: "You know what, your mum"
A: "YOUR mum!"
B: "Yeah well, your mum sucks cock"
A: "Well, your mum sucks my dads cock"
B: "You suck cock"
A: "Your face sucks cock"
B: "Your ex sucks cock"
A: "True"
B: "oh noes!"
by Izzy Pop May 05, 2006
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Very versatile. Can be used in any situation with varying levels of effectiveness. Quite derogatory and must be said with caution. Always have guard up when said to strangers.

Very off-putting towards opposition in sporting competition.

Must never be said in front of own Mother

Can be used in an appropriate way.... Sometimes
Example 1 - "Your Mum eats dog biscuits and wears Army boots!"

Example 2 - Person 1 - "Hey areshole"

Person 2 - "Your Mums arsehole"

Example 3 - Person 1 -"Where are we staying tonight friend?"

Person 2 -"Your mums mate"

Person 1 -"Sounds Good!"
by LukeDoggy July 17, 2006
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a great word, can be said anytime and never gets over-used.
D'you wanna come over my house tonight?

Your mum wants to go to your house tonight!

You Suck!

Your mum sucks!
by urmumgotowned March 27, 2008
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an insult targeted towards another persons mother.
idiot: insert insult here
other idiot: YOUR MUM!!
by Joey June 13, 2003
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