The demographic phenomenon of stupid, affluent rednecks having even dumber offspring. These offspring (dumb bubblers) represent a demographic cohort that is identified by the carnage they leave behind at the expense of others. Particularly prevalent during the summer and at beaches. Similar to Boomers except these dumb shits will run you over with a speed boat rather than steal your hedge fund.
Example 1
"I'm going swimming at the Pioneer Park beach."
"Be careful. Last week two people were prop-chopped by a dumb bubbler in a speed boat."

Example 2
All tramp-stamped young girls that look like Paris Hilton.

Example 3
All uber-tattooed young guys that look like The Nuge.
by BCFisher July 13, 2009
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an easy way to say shut the fuck up you look like an idiot.
you can also use it as an insult.
1. Andrea shut your dumb dumb bubble gum lookin ass up
2. Emma get your dumb dumb bubble gum lookin ass back in here
by Dominiquxee December 10, 2018
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