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a double contraction, using both the contractions of 'you are' and 'are not' in a single application
You'ren't going to do that, are you?
by K. Schaaf November 11, 2003
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Short for "You are not"

Didn't know if I should use "You aren't" or "You're not", so I combined them
You'ren't going to get away from me this time.
by Trent December 08, 2004
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You're'nt or yourent, whatever works - The abbreviation for You Are Not. Because if "You Are" makes "You're" and "Are Not" makes "Aren't" why cant they be combined to make one big word?
Yourent gonna pass stat this semester, and neither am i.

Yourent the stupidest kid in our grade, that guy over there is.
by Eric EAW March 10, 2004
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Not a real word since it sounds exactly the same as "you aren't".
You aren't going to do that are you?
by Brandon November 13, 2003
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