A phrase which one says when he does not have a single fucking idea of what another person has said to him to the degree that he is offended.

Often followed by saying m8, with emphasis on the 8.
Foreigner - *Says something you have no fucking clue about in another language*
You - you wot
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What Are You Doin?

Or What Drug Are You On?
Girl: *Jumps Up And Down Screaming*

Boyy: Wot You On?

by Cressiiebabes February 10, 2008
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it means what are u doing?
Boy: wot you on?
Girl: just chattin you?
Boy: same
by xXxkatxXx November 06, 2006
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Another Chav phrase simply meaning 'Is something the matter?'
Wot you fuckin lookin at you fat shit!?
by Thomas Fathers March 04, 2006
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