Person 1: "Yo mama plays with that stick all day long!"
Person 2: "It's Yo-Yo Ma, and it's called a bow."
by FireAarro November 13, 2003
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not a rap star, porn star, or yo mama. He is an accomplished professional cello player.
correct: Yoyo Ma performed for the Prime Minister of Prague yesterday.

incorrect: Yoyo Ma gave the Prime Minister a lap dance, ya ho.
by noflo June 11, 2004
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Definition 1
Yo Yo Ma is a great professional cellist. He is one of the most famous. He can play Bach's Cello Suite No.1 Prelude exceedingly well along with many other things. He played at O'Bamas inauguration ceremony as the cellist.

Definition 2
A great way to make fun of Yo Yo Ma's name as a form of saying hello to your parent, guardian, friends or family... or anybody you feel like
Example 1
Zane: Hey Sarah. Whats crackin'?
Sarah: Um nothing just watchin' Yo Yo Ma defeat the constant battle between him and his cello.
Zane: Spiffy! Hes like a beast!

Example 2
Jimmie: Yo Yo Ma! Whats up?
Mom: (looks up) a bird!
by bobkielviol March 07, 2009
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Yo-Yo Ma is only the best cellist in the entire world! This is guy is Asian and should not be confused with a rapper. He's played in concerts since like age 7 and played his first Bach Cello Suite when he was 4. People all over the world buy his albums which are very diverse and all different from one another.
I wanna be like Yo-Yo Ma!
by Cellonator May 29, 2006
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1. A faggit named Sunnie with a gargantuan cranium. Oh yah, he's a high school dropout also.

2. An IT dork stranded in Turkey who listens to nothing but the Justus League. You guessed it, he gotta man-crush on 9th.

3. Someone with an affinity for Turkish Tranny's. He claims to like poosy, but in reality loves Tranny's.

4. Someone who wastes $15k on a $8k car to turn a decent Lexus into a $5k Honda rice rocket.

5. Early reports say he photoshops his teeth crazy white in pictures to cover his bad Arabian hygiene.
Ayo son that dude is straight faggot. He hollerin' at a Tranny and stuntin' in a souped up civic.

Yah, duke's straight YoYoMa.
by YoYo Lost October 20, 2004
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