same definition,a greeting/call but it originally originated in Yonkers. New York
Yerro! Screaming to someone, Getting their attention, or being ackknowledged
by Al-B May 27, 2005
Originating in Philadelphia in the winter of 1993. Olney High School student pronounced "yo" like so while screaming across the lunchroom to friend. Following summer, everybody in Philly says "yerO" as an alternative to "yo".
YEROOOOOO! (yelling from a distance)
by angie June 27, 2003
yeroski, yero?
by yeroski May 27, 2009
The name of DC the forthcoming DC rap recording artist
by YERO September 9, 2003
A great way of greeting your friends or anyone you want to say hello to. Another way to describe it is, its a lifestyle.
Good morning Owen, Yero Sands
You see your friend across the cafeteria, Yero Sands Bro
by Yeroson Sanderson November 10, 2022