Replacement for either your or you're. It's meant for people who can't tell the difference between the two.
Yer good, but don't let it go to yer head.
by Xenolith February 15, 2004
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form of saying "hey" or "yo"
used commonly among np kids (their native tongue)
yerrr whaddup b borm hit me up after school so we can smoke a blunt
by bluntzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz November 2, 2007
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The posessive of you. Pronunced yer mainly in the southern regions of the United States.
Are you gonna eat yer sandwich? Cuz I want it.
by Z dogg March 30, 2006
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NOT slang for the word ‘yes’ or ‘yessir’ and only noobs say yer
yer is not slang for yessir and you are a noob
by ur all noobs March 6, 2019
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You can use this word instead of here. For instance, 'Come yer!'
by clicia January 3, 2019
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When like you mean yes, but you just say yer instead. Similar to yerp
Billy “Hey Tom you wanna go play cards
Tom “Yer”
by Wordermaster11 August 25, 2018
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