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The abomination of desolation. Where Depression replaces the 5 senses.

The capital "city" (actually a massive trailer park)of the Northwest Territories located on the shore of Great Slave Lake. where if they'd find the inclination a pack of arctic wolves could take over in about 15 minutes...

The "mall" is the most pathetic thing you ever saw in your life and if you're there in winter prepare to try to overcome overwhelming urges to commit suicide which most people soothe with booze, the vampire movie 30 days of night was probably inspired by a hour in Yellowknife. During summer months you'll find yourself awake most of the time due to the fact its never dark, alcohol will also come in handy during this season to put most people to bed.

vagrant drunks are a common sight and last i checked the legal drinking age was 16, so there are plenty of drunk kids too. The only thing yellowknife has going for it is the girls, who are like muskox in heat which probably means everybody that has come through town has had a piece of it already.

You might find yourself running for your life every now and then from wild animals including grizzly bears, moose, packs of hungry sled dogs and swarms of mosquitoes in their billions.

Oh yeah minorities get beaten up on a regular basis.
Yellowknife's KFC ran out of chicken, its Mc Donalds ran out of buns, Burger King had no beef and so i had a caribou burger which gave me the runs.
by DANNY The BOSS November 12, 2007
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To shove a finger up a penis hole.
pleasurable for few,
painful for most.
You know on that crazy porn last night?
yea well i saw a guy yellowknifing himself,
it must have hurt like hell!

You know what my girlfriend did last night?
noo what?
She yellowknifed me.
No way! you guys got that far?
Oh yea, she yellowknifed me all night.

Person 1: That yellowknife hurt so bad today, but it was so worth it.
She shoved like 3 fingers all up in there, I swear if she pushed any further, hurt fist would have popped up in there.
Person 2: Now thats what i call a yellowknife
by finatu July 21, 2009
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