Yeiss is a word for "Yes" That is used by alot of newfoundlanders who have a real newfie accent and is over used by newfoundland rappers. Kids in NF will start to say it around Juiner high and then will not nitice there saying it anymore.
Yeiss b'y thats nuts
Hmmm yeiss I think I'll say that
by K9 Mutt April 05, 2007
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yei is a widely used shortcut for an msn emotion

The emotion is like an evil stare.
'I do not like you *yei*'
by Dean12345 August 30, 2009
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The British form of the word "yes". Can be spelled "yeis", "yace", "yaise" but never "yase". Usually said by thick-accented Brit folk.
Yeis, please pahss the tea and crumpets, young chap.

You ask if I'm British, aye? I say, YEIS!
by Sammybean February 21, 2006
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Nice gal, she cares for others ,loves to be in control, likes people who admire her and show her attention, short gal ,
Yei was talking to her boyfriend about her day
by Sammy May 31, 2018
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