The act of writing/taking pictures for/designing spreads for your high school's yearbook
Yerd: Shut up, I'm yearbooking.
Non-Yerd: So... I should get lost for a while?
Yerd: That would be wise.
by Venice! November 10, 2009
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v: the process of creating a yearbook or any of its pages
OMFG Allison, you suck at yearbooking.
by AntiC_666 February 08, 2005
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The quest for a single mother to go into her past boyfriends to find a boyfriend or husband to help support her and her children.

Usually involves getting pregnate to force a commitment.
Better wear a rubber, dawg. Girl is yearbooking her old crowd. She broke up last week and looking for Daddy 2.
by BarebackJack October 17, 2017
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