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1) A person who always knows everything

2) An amazing Bulgarian boy

3) The kid who drank all the vodka at the party
Girl: Hey, did you hear about Yavor and the vodka? Boy: Yeah I was there it was amazing.
by BOYEBOYE December 13, 2017
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1) A person who never knows anything

2) A cunty bulgarian.

3) The kid who puked all over Kyle's floor.
Girl: Are you coming with us tonight?
Yavor: What's happening tonight?
by Rbop March 28, 2014
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The peng bulgarian boy that drinks the whole bottle of 50% rakia and vodka at the party.
Usually has a good style

And hates cats
You know that bulgarian guy yavor that drank all of the vodka again
by Yavz April 19, 2019
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