To sing like Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam. People like Scott Stapp (Creed), Jason Wade (Lifehouse), Alex Band (The Calling), are known for having Vedder-like voices. Another person known for yarling would be Scott Weiland (Stone Temple Pilots, Velvet Revolver), but after he was trashed for yarling like Vedder, he gradually began to sing differently and now sounds nothing like Vedder.

Although it has been said that Eddie Vedder's yarling was taken from people such as Ray Charles and Bruce Springsteen, the similarity between Vedder, Charles, and Springsteen is nowhere near as close as Vedder, Stapp, Wade, and Band.
"God, Scott Stapp is such an unoriginal bastard. He yarls exactly like Eddie Vedder."
by Andrew D.J. C. II November 21, 2005
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Yarling is the vocalization process of putting a hidden 'R' underneath every syllable in a lame way to sound soulful. Examples of bands that regularly yarl in their vocals; Matchbox 20, Nickleback, Pearl Jam
"Eddie Vedder is a yarler"

"Rob Thomas doesn't sing, he just yarls"
by griffinfuhrer November 5, 2005
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Typically, it's solely dependent on the situation it's used in.
Essentially, it has the same basic meaning as 'eh'; 'meh'.

The actual defenition is usually deemed as whatever the hell the author (speaker) feels compelled to make it mean.
Person A: "Dude, let's go see a movie"

Person B: "Yarl, I got shit to do.."
by 'rAwr June 29, 2005
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The sound one makes while responsibly projectile vomiting, especially after a night out
That first uber driver was a punk though for dipping after he saw me! I'm the king of launching my yarls into garbage bags, he and the helpful one that took me home had nothing to worry about 😇🤢👍🏼
by Yawn, The Dawn May 9, 2017
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A word that is screamed out when one is happy. Can be a substitute for yes. May also be used as a sexual moan. Can be used to approve of something.
Dude I saw that hot chick bend over.
Sweet yarls!!!!

Do you like ice cream?
Yarles, but only chocolate.
by thaikid199 December 1, 2008
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A yarling is a darling that is positive. Yes + Darling = Yarling. Together, they combine for a perfect combination of a tasty love, which will last for eternity. I could eat a yarling, right now, if I really wanted to. :-)
1. The yarling is beautiful, and can do heavenly things.
2. A female yarling...
3. I love you, my yarling! <3
by DiscoJohn October 30, 2011
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Detention centre where private companies systematically rape vulnerable women with impunity. Protected by the British Home Office, which refuses Freedom of Information requests about the numbers of rape incidents on the basis that publishing the information would commercially harm the companies involved.
I hear Serco and G4S are raping like madmen at Yarl's Wood, but the government won't release the figures.

Gita: Sonia was Yarl's Wood last night.
Janine: What, you mean RAPED?
Gita: Uhuh.
by Bitumen June 14, 2016
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