Momo Yaoyorozu, A japanese girl from the anime/manga Bnha/mha/Boku No Hero Academia/My hero Academia, Shes an insurance girl who relys to much on Todoroki just as Ochako relys to much on Izuku! Besides the fact she relys on Todoroki to much, shes a pretty,sweet, kind,funny, awesome, hot girl!! She also acts pretty gay for Jiro-
My friend: *points at Momo* Whos that hottie?
Me: Oh that Momo Yaoyorozu, She's a sweet, caring, girl who seems to like Jiro!!(◍•ᴗ•◍)✧*
My friend: Oh okay, I'll back off then
by _a_gay_weeby_loser_ November 28, 2020
A character from my hero academia that is the godess of THICC
Momo Yaoyorozu is bae.
by hardboi69 November 1, 2018
A character in the anime and manga series BNHA or Boku No Hero Academia training to be a pro hero. She has a special ability to create objects out of the fat cells in her body.
Momo Yaoyorozu is going to be a great hero someday.
by Stormy248 December 25, 2019
stop promoting your tiktoks
momo..yaoyorozu is a tiktok account
by Pseuidaoo February 7, 2022
Wanna know what? This person/girl is ducking awesome and needs to be loved :)
Some person: hey do you know who momo..yaoyorozu on tiktok is?
Another person: yeah she/theyre the best!
by momo.. yaoyorozu May 16, 2021