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A beautiful girl, she hates compliements from whoever it comes. There isnt a person in the world that doesn't enjoy talking to her. Fandoms are the main thing In her life, she gets attached easily but can get over a famous person/band in a few years. She doesn't like having an "owner" she flies her own way. YANNELI it also means 'I love you' in Nahualt.
Her smile can brighten your day anytime, she is always laughing, and is easily pleased. She always wants what she can't get. She has big expectations, and always expects the unexpected. She is the biggest loser with the biggest smile, she has lots of goals in her life. She's awesome in bed.
-Hey do you see that girl?
+Oh yea, she's called Yanneli
-A Yanneli!? I've heard they're awesome in bed

+We should get to talk too her
-Yeah we should!
by CaitlinTyl December 25, 2013
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