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Short for "you know". Spoken to confim agreement during a conversation. Often found in the vocabulary of nordic decendents.
It was not my fault -- yaknow! Yaknow I was going to do that as soon as I was done here! What do yaknow?
by Thadeous S. September 23, 2006
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1)A phrase said by an individual who doesn't know exactly what to say to a question.

2)A phrase said by an individual that can be said after any statement whatsoever in order to form a question of acknowledgment, and it tends to always fit in with the statement.
1) "What time is Betty coming over tonight?"
"Oh, ya know.."

2)"This house gets really scary at night, ya know?"
"Bob's wife is a bit senile these days, ya know?"
by Tom and Cameron February 18, 2006
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Phrase stuck onto the end of almost every sentence in East London's black community. Similair to ya get me? it is a probing to see if what is being said is being understood.
"You best pay up ya know"
by royale male April 02, 2006
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a finishing word for any/all conversations/situations ya'know?
you can just say anything, ya'know?

basically any statement,..ya'know?

i've been doing well, ya'know?

we're moving sometime soon, ya'know?

i'm baked,......YA'KNOW!?
by SID LUNDY September 08, 2007
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1. An answer to questions that most people will understand and offer their concencus; usually trails off to allow for some exchanging of looks

2. Can be used when you just don't know how to answer a question

3. A phrase that is often used to answer questions, even when the inquirer may NOT know; often results in strange, confused looks and/or annoyed glares, especially when answering a question that no one could POSSIBLY know the answer to
Guy 1: Man, that girl sure is hot, huh?
Guy 2: Ya know...
Guy 1: *nods in agreement*
(exchange looks of mutual understanding)


Guy 1: So, how do you think you did on the Physics test last period?
Guy 2: Ya know...
Guy 1: *nods in agreement, then realizes " could I POSSIBLY know that??" looks befuddled and walks away, annoyed*
by samantha-fantha February 16, 2013
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a hybrid of the words you and know, used in familiar conversations and for rapid txting.
Yaknow, I could go for a smoothie right about now.
by foreigner27 September 07, 2010
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Used as an immediate response right after someone says something that is inappropriate, offensive, or inopportune. When used in this context, the word "know" is usually dragged out followed by an immediate sigh.

Jack: Yo man, I was the supermarket the other day ... and let me tell you, those middle aged mothers are HOT!

Steve: Ya know! *sigh* ....

Jack: Oh come on, I'm serious!
by SharkFangFist April 09, 2007
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