An unclassy woman, one with little taste or manners. Usually on the creepy side. Also tend not to have feelings, it is rumored that there is a black hole in the place of their hearts.
The yady used febreeze as perfume.
by Emamie Jones October 29, 2010
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Yadielis is a female name mostly used by Hispanics.
She is usually a very kind and artistic person. She might also be short tempered. But despite that, Yadielis might also have lots of secrets. She is usually a very closed in person about personal things, but with jokes shes very open. She also loves to have close friends that she can trust and have fun with. All in all, Yadielis is a great person who you should get to know better.
by lilbennyhadalilname January 8, 2018
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a skinny legend QUEEN who has nice eyebrows and has a funny and sweet personality.
OMG, she is such a yadielys
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The coolest guy you could ever meet. If you could ever meet someone named Yadi they will be the most loyal friend ever. Yadis are generally the hardest working individuals and generally very good looking and rich. They also can become professional boxers drive BMWs.
by alldaytwenty8 December 28, 2013
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it's a word that can mean whatever you inflect. Typically involved with agreement, it can also be a rallying call. whatever you really want it to, but generally heard in these situations. Invented (or most commonly used) by the hard drinking, hard partying clans of Flagstaff in the Highlands of Northern Irie-Zona (AZ).
Rapper on stage: "How you feeling tonight?!"

928 Character in Crowd: "Yaaaadieeeeee!!!!"

Philbert: "How slave wasted are you right now bud?"

Hughbama: "Yadieee"
by Yacht-weeker September 26, 2011
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is something you can say if someone is talking to you and you are fed up with them talking or if someone saying something that you are not interrested in
Theresa: "Dave you shouldn't drink that much, its unhealthy."
Shelby: "Yeah Theresa is right dinking is bad."
Theresa: "And there are so many other things you can do that are fun, that have no drinking involved."
Dave: "yadi-yadi-ya"


Mother: "I told you, if you get up late, you have to hurry. Now you will probably come to late"
Son: "Well all the yadi-yadi-ya is not helping me is it?!"
by APhilThoN May 3, 2009
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Some delivery guy who walks into your house and uses your phone without asking.
If yadi brings my stuff here again i'm going to nut the cunt.
by VeN0M_ August 17, 2004
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