Obnoxious arrogant young men (often college aged) with very little to say, yet can not shut up. Prone to talking very loudly when sober, and outright shouting and yelling when drunk. Frequently they drink to get drunk, and do so to excess. They are invariable loud and sloppy drunks. Ya-dudes favor loud bars, and clubs; usually with loud popular music (typically hip hop, or '80s hair metal) that also feature equally vapid young women who favor the bump and grind style of dancing.

Ya-dudes are frequently observed in the company of slam pigs and pursue women almost exclusively as sexual objects. They normally have terrible taste in music, like action films, and eschew reading. Ya-dudes are generally very concerned about current styles, and status symbols, yet often exercise questionable taste. Ya-dudes often co-opt ebonics and other forms of urban speech and use it without irony. They are typically caucasian but can be of any race, and have previously been referred to as white hats and todds.

The term is most prevalent in New England and to a lesser degree in other Northeast states, and can encompass several other types of obnoxious young men including jocks, frat boys, preppies, and guidos.

A quick way to spot a ya-dude is to examine their speech.

Ya-dude #1: Sup brah!
Ya-dude #2: Not too much buddy, I am suffering though. I got frrrrrrrricking wasted last night.
YD1: Ha ha, no doubt. I could tell you were having some fun last night. Yo, that slut you left the party with was fucking mad hot, son.
YD2: Tcha . . . Ya dude!

Hence ya-dude.
We an not having beer pong, beirut, or quarters at our party. That will only encourage the ya-dudes to stick around.

Drinking games are strictly the province of amateurs and ya-dudes.

There is no fucking way we are drinking at The Kells tonight. I don't feel like going to prison for killing a ya-dude.
by NB Fazed September 14, 2006
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(noun, YAAH-doood)

A young male between the age of 16-28 from Boston, MA usually of Italian decent who speaks in a thick Boston accent punctuated with drawling urban slang, wears polo shirts, designer jeans, and sports a "blowout" style haircut.
Examples of typical ya dude speech:

"Yooooooooooooooooooooo kiiiid, did you see my fresh kicks dawg?"
"Ya word dude kid bro guy man dawg. The girlies will like love them or somethin'."
by dBloodz November 14, 2006
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