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y- the y coordinate
m- the slope of the line (rise/run)
x- X coordinate
b- y intercept, where the line crosses the y-axis

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Point Slope Formula. Mostly used to graph a line.
M represents slope and B is the Y-Intercept of the line.
Can be directly entered into graphing calculators to graph the according line, or graphed by first graphing the Y-Intercept (0,b), and following the slope from there.
Y-intercept is 2
Slope is 1
Graphs a positive line
by Vegeto079 October 24, 2008
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The holy grail of junior high school math equations, often deitized by teachers and students alike. It can solve every single one of your life problems.

Ever need to know the slope of your driveway? Sub some into y=mx+b
Ever need to know at what angle your ladder is standing at if it was on a graph? y=mx+b
Ever get stuck on a math question on your exam? Sub some givens into y=mx+b
Teacher: "What is the allmighty holy formula for a straight line on a graph?"

Student: "y=mx+b!"
Teacher: "ALL HAIL y=mx+b!"
Students: "ALL HAIL y=mx+b!"
by thecell98 January 21, 2015
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