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Adj. An extreme and rare act of retardation by a person who is not legally deemed mentally handicaped.
An xtard at a zoo once decided to get a closer picture of a bear by jumping into the exhibit.
by brennen b August 03, 2008
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An Extremist, Fundamentalist Christian, who is beyond the scope of a Jesus Freak. The only thing they know is Bible.

Often Characterized by extreme ignorance of worldy affairs, basic general knowledge, extreme Bible ranting, and who is more often than not home-schooled.

Like X-mas, but in this sense,
Christ/X + Retard = X-tard.
Oh Fuck, the goddamn X-tards are at it again, trying to convert everybody in one day. If you say no, they will have a massive hissy-fit, it's so funny, do you have your camera ready.
by fzac89 October 07, 2011
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A person so obsessed with the Xbox or Xbox 360 in such a manner that rational people call them a retard.

Derived from the combination of Xbox(The device which the individual fantasizes over) and retard(used in the slang form to denote lack of intelligence).
At the mention of a superior console, such as the Play Station 3, the xtard became supremely enraged and began shouting about Halo 2 and how great Halo 3 was going to be; all while the rational people backed away slowly so as not to evoke a stupider reaction.
by Zetsumei October 10, 2005
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