The number meaning ‘19’ in Roman numerals, which represents a brand/group known as the sidemen. They are a group of seven gaming youtubers, who also venture into areas such as music, diss tracks, and acting.
by Downloadthemerch February 14, 2018
Verb. (To) sexually molest a minor. Usually violent and brutal, involving excessive amounts of leather and whips.
-(To Pull a Henry XIX)
John pulled a Henry XIX on that little girl from the preschool yesterday.
by JmofuckinMolsick March 18, 2007
similar to haha/kek/lol. It's actually 'hehe' spelled in Ukrainian and pronounced hi:h, not ksi ksi
- gosh imagine I left a tissue in my jeans when doing laundry

- xix you dumbass
by bettyboopnass October 16, 2017