A sexual position wherein the receiving partner is laying on his or her back with their legs spread up in the air in a wide angle (not horizontal). The giving partner has his or her legs spread in the same angle as he or she penetrates the other*.

The resulting position looks like an X-Wing fighter from Star Wars.

*Yes females can penetrate so long as they have a strap-on.
And x-wing looks like this >::<
by NickOnInsanity March 08, 2009
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In a distance or cross country race, two or more team mates simultaneously pass a member of another team on both sides of the person. This is both demoralizing and embarrassing for the opponent.
Yo dude we totally x-winged that kid in the 2nd mile of the race. He was so demoralized after
by drunner101 September 13, 2007
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Verb- The act, during intercourse, when the legs are spread. When, correctly viewed, it gives the appearance of an X-Wing from the Star Wars trilogy. Often used as code, specifically when in front of his or her partner.
Guy 1: Ah, hey man, last night I was with my girlfriend...
Guy 2: And?
Guy 1: We so totally X-Winged!

Girl 1: Keep going!
Girl 2: So things were getting pretty serious and I wa-
*Boyfriend enters*
Girl 2: So... yeah, basically, we were X-Winging for longer than you can imagine.
by CrocoSmith January 14, 2011
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When you put your dick into a girls ass, then into her friends mouth, then into the second girls ass and back into the first girls mouth, forming an X pattern.
Yo Dude, I totally did an X-wing with Mary and her sister the other night, it was awesome!
by Jed Porkins September 15, 2010
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Rather than being a member of generation x, a member of generation x-wing points to the release of Star Wars (the real one) as being the formative moment of their youth.
I'm not generation x, i'm generation x-wing.
by th3ph17 December 09, 2005
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The Incom T-65 X-wing starfighter has become a symbol of the Rebellion's starfighter corps. Pressed into service time and again, the typical Alliance X-wing shows the scars from previous engagements, though the fact that it still performs as an advanced vessel of space superiority is indication of the ruggedness of the craft.

The sleek fuselage of the X-wing starfighter is 12.5 meters long. The long, narrow spaceframe is flanked in the aft quarter by four massive realspace engines. Each engine has an aerodynamic S-foil mounted on it. The wings not only serve as stabilizer surfaces in air travel, but also distribute deflector shield energy and serve as weapons mounts. The surface of each S-foil bears squadron and fighter markings.

Located midway through the ship is the X-wing's cockpit module. Behind the X-wing's cockpit is an astromech socket. The astromech droid provides astrogation data for the fighter's hyperdrives, and serves as a co-pilot and technician during flight. Three landing gears extend when the fighter is docked.
by Official_SW Definitions_ December 05, 2004
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A superior form of fingering. Take the middle finger and cross it over the index finger forming an "x". Maneuver them straight down her trench and skim the surface. The target area is only two inches wide. It's a small thermal haven, right below the main port. The shaft leads directly to the reactor system. A precise hit will start a chain reaction which should cause an explosion. Only a precise hit will set off a chain reaction! Only those strong in the force are able to acquire their target.
Mo: "I was Red Five last night."
Lo: "Aw yeah! X wing fingering - did she scream 'Stay on Target!' ?"
by Mashers69 April 04, 2016
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