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A sexual position wherein the receiving partner is laying on his or her back with their legs spread up in the air in a wide angle (not horizontal). The giving partner has his or her legs spread in the same angle as he or she penetrates the other*.

The resulting position looks like an X-Wing fighter from Star Wars.

*Yes females can penetrate so long as they have a strap-on.
And x-wing looks like this >::<
by NickOnInsanity March 08, 2009
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the act of texting people while you are pooping
ex. (talking to a friend on fbook chat)

person 1: hey man whats going on tonight
person 2: i gotta go to the bathroom il poopt you


person 1: whatsup man what are you doing?
person 2: poopting you
by mr.poopter January 26, 2011
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In a distance or cross country race, two or more team mates simultaneously pass a member of another team on both sides of the person. This is both demoralizing and embarrassing for the opponent.
Yo dude we totally x-winged that kid in the 2nd mile of the race. He was so demoralized after
by drunner101 September 13, 2007
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When you put your dick into a girls ass, then into her friends mouth, then into the second girls ass and back into the first girls mouth, forming an X pattern.
Yo Dude, I totally did an X-wing with Mary and her sister the other night, it was awesome!
by Jed Porkins September 15, 2010
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