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1.) Describes a person who has excessive wealth and behaves in the fassion of a 19th century British industrialist, speaking with the same accent etc. Wymsical people care not for the welfare of others, only their own material wealth and generosity is to them a waste of precious money. Generally, 'wymsical' doesn't refer to someone who has earned their position, it refers to someone who was either born rich, or procured their wealth via minimum work, such as by collecting rent. A noun is often used as a label for people who are wymsical, this noun is monocle.

2.) Funny or humerous.
1.) "That guy is so friggen wymsical, he lives in a mansion yet I bet he hasn't worked a day in his life!"

2.) "Hwoar, hwoar, hwoar, that was the most wymsical comment of the evening!"
by Qudamah September 29, 2005
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The best anime tiktoker of all time

Someone who never misses
Wymsical’s new post is totally tubular
by Bigboythomas March 31, 2021
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