The best anime is to exist is Hunter X Hunter
1. HxH>your fav anime

2. Daily reminder that HxH is the best anime

3. HxH>fiction
by Guppyism September 7, 2021
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The best anime is Attack on titan 1.Attack on titan>>your fav anime
Boy 1.What is the Best Anime

Boy 2.It’s attack on Titian
by stonejackson23 May 11, 2022
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HEhaehhehHehheee it's boku no hero academia
P1: yo dude wanna watch the best anime ever

P2: nah sorry already finished it

P1: ah that's bad

P2: yea, bad for u cuz i'm about to spoil it

P1: wait wu-
by ev3rynameisinuse July 3, 2022
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