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Another way of saying what, or an expression used when there is nothing else to say.
Jacob - "Did you hear I got a new VW Beetle!"

Doug - "Wurt? I thought you hated those cars."

Eric - "Wurt are you guys talking about?"
by jsouth3434 August 15, 2012
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An explosive vocalisation, as a form of expressing happiness, anger, surprise or simply as abuse. Wurting is also inclusive of such variations as "Screet", "Sturt", "muhrt", "lurt", and even words such as "scribididurt".
Jamie - "oh hey man - WURT!"

Dylan - "whats happening, some fuck head just cut me off "STURRRT!"

Jamie - "what a fag, i won the lotto the other day"

Both - "LUUURRT!"
by 88jp88 August 21, 2010
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