"What the hee-haw??"

Used in place of wtf as a fresh alternative to a tired acronym, or when you don't want to use the f-word. Might be considered a little "Country".
I can't believe they discontinued Dora the Explorer! WTHH??
OMG WTHH BBQ?!??!??!?
WTHH is up with that?
Dude, Dani, WTHH are you on?
by Jody M March 13, 2008
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Rumored to have been coined in Kansas before taking root in Southern California, the abbreviation means "What's the happy haps?"
When pm'ing a friend - or anyone at all, really. "Yo! Wthh, man?"
by B-MacTheOPGangster November 9, 2021
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