A phrase an Australian kangaroo says in the video,"End Of Ze World",. It Means "What the fuck, Mate!" usually in an Australian accent. (Mate in Australian means friend)
( dob-u tee eef m + ate) - WTF Mate! you spilled you drink on me!
by patsfanaj April 24, 2007
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usually said when surprised or confused. w-what t-the f-f*ck

pronounced: dub-ah-yoo tee eff may-teh
bob: durka durka akrad mahammad albid durka

steve: wtf mate?
by durka akrad May 03, 2006
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1: don't be pushin me around like that, ya tosser.
2: wtf mate? i'm not pushin shit.
by International Bad Boy September 07, 2004
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