Hey who’s that

by bluehairedork September 2, 2020
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Another way to swear at someone, or if you are threatened. This can also be used to say something random at your friends to make them look at you in confusion or have it written all over the school walls.
-How the eef did you do that?
-Oh EEF i did it again...
by kyrapye July 6, 2018
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A male who has a fetish for smelling girls bicycle seats.
There's that eef Herbie sniffing Joan's bike seat.
by Swamp Wizard October 4, 2007
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a word used to show your uncomfortable without sounding rude
person 1: my girl/boyfriend is such a bitch
person 2: eef
by beeeeebo March 16, 2019
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simply "no" or "hell no", originated at H-Town High in Hazard, Ky. Used by a high population of the HHS Students.
HHS Student 1: Aye man did u study for that Bentley test?
HHS Student 2: eef eef man, i forgot all about it!
HHS Student 1: Well, lets skip it then.
HHS Student 2: Aight
by Bulldogs October 9, 2005
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