To increase the "wtf factor" would be to make the situation weird.
This kid not only jumped out from behind the First National Bank's entrance wearing a full indian costume, but when the bank cop gave him a high five and a 10 dollar bill, it really increased the wtf factor.
by Nizzit February 10, 2008
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The WTF Factor,WTF standing for the widely known phrase 'what the fuck',is a commonly used factor but not commonly known.The WTF Factor consists of the general principals known as:the setup,the objective,and the effect or reaction.
First, the setup.The set up is usually composed of an area or object.Setups such as a pool or an office,possibly the home of an enemy.The objective is to promote alterations to a place to give off a sense of random or humor.And the effect,or reaction,should be the exclamation of the phrase 'what the fuck?!' or something along the lines of that.
SOMEONE:"Hey did you hear?Someone made the pool into jello!"

YOU:"What the fuck?!"

SOMEONE:"I know!Total WTF factor huh?"

by John Mathews March 1, 2009
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A factor in videos that help them go viral. The WTF factor is increased the more confusing, creepy, jawdropping, retarded, horrifying, pedophilic, or sexually appealing the video is. The more you analyze a video with a high WTF factor, the more you hurt yourself.
*After watching a Japanese Commercial*

Interviewer: So, why do you think the video went viral?
Person: It's because of the WTF Factor. I was just left with a blank expression after watching this.
by z3n0 May 8, 2013
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This term is used to describe the feeling that comes the day after a long night of partying when you are often forced to ask yourself “what the fuck?”. Whether you wake up in bed with someone that you shouldn’t have or you just remember making an ass out of yourself the night before you are experiencing the wtf factor. Often this is most awkward when you first wake up and are forced to face those who witnessed your stupidity, but the wtf factor refers to the entire day following the party because it is difficult to get the strong wtf feeling out of your head even after you’ve gone home. The wtf factor is inevitable and if the party is large and the alcohol is plentiful, the most you can hope for is to keep the wtf factor to a minimum. Sadly, according to Olson’s Law of Large Parties, the larger the party, the more serious the wtf factor.
"I think I pissed on someone's bedroom door last night. Needless to say the wtf factor hit me pretty hard in the morning."
by Steve43212343 November 26, 2007
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