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The “would-u” is a fraction of one….
The “would-u” is an edible entity,
The “would-u” is part of an ancient English social activity (well, of a sort!)
The “would-u” is the last piece of food on the plate.
Take a group of English individuals in a social setting;
apply a selection of nibbles on a plate, and watch each and every morsel (but one) be devoured.
Yes, all but one
As the nibbles gets less and less, there will be only one left.
At this point it becomes something more than its parts – it becomes the “would-u”.

As the “would-u” it seems to gain some magic kudos… It NEVER gets eaten… (well, in its entirety… anyway).

It may get broken in half, but still it is a “would-u”.
It may get its topping removed, but it is still a “would-u”.
It may end up being half of a half of a half, but still as a former shadow of what it and its fellow nibbles were, still the “would-u” remains…
by cool-chindogu August 03, 2011
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