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A forum user who has gained a reputation for deranged trolling and abysmal grammar, and who now serves as comic relief. Popularized by the user wotad on the allkpop forums.
wotad: deasung and teayang are gud singers!
by thetruthspeaks9091 December 14, 2012
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Acronym for Worship Of The Almighty Dollar. the unspoken but everpresent state religion of America. Regardless of the faith you may claim to adhere to, chances are that in this country you're really at least a crypto-wotad.

Wotads make decisions based on monetary assessment: Career choices, wardrobe, diet, lifestyle, friends, relationships and social milieu are all determined using the WOTAD viewpoint.

The U.S. government, with an interest in indoctrinating all citizens into becoming self-indulgent, ignorant, consuming meatbags, inculcates all members with WOTAD metascripts from birth, which has given the government a free hand in determining commercial policy without the messy input of it's citizens and promotes the wealth of the corporate masters by extolling an overarching obsession with buying, buying and more buying.
Jerry used to be a practicing buddhist, but after his graduation from Wharton, became the most craven follower of wotad.

Donald donates his free time to helping destitute cat owners, unlike some of his wotad friends like Jerry.
by graphicjer May 06, 2013
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