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Work remotely while doing the touristy things on weekend or after work.
Not always a good idea but sometimes is more practical.
Me: I wanna visit my brother in Austin and I don't have much vacation left for the rest of the year.
Wifey: Let's do a workation. We can spend more time in Austin in a relaxed way.
by raghuthegreat September 01, 2017
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Anytime you bring work materials, laptops , paperwork or worse keep meetings, in a neurotic attempt to 'keep up' on what should essentially be personal or vacation time.

This is most acute when you realize you get more actual work done, on "vacation" than when in the office, because nobody is interrupting you.
Bob & Mary's workation to the Bahamas centered around both of them never leaving the WIFI hot spot of their hotel and working on and off and never seeing much of the island or doing anything away from their laptops.
by markth_wi July 26, 2010
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A workation is when you take a work trip to another city for something like a trade show. Upon arriving you register for the show, obtain badges and various pieces of trade show material. After this recreational non-work activities will be undertaken for the rest of the trip. Sunscreen may be required to mask tanning. Often these trips are taken by employees of the opposite sex who are engaged in a discrete relationship.
Employee1: Are you ready for our Workation in Las Vegas?
Employee2: Oh yes. All packed. Remember, what happens on a workation, stays on a workation!
by Smooth Operator! July 23, 2016
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A vacation in which you bring your work with you. Workations usually involves telecommuting to some degree.
I'm going to Buenos Aires next month, but it's more of a workation than anything else.
by alienradio July 25, 2008
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When you have to take a trip for work and you escape your wife and children and family life for a few days and it feels like a vacation.
This business trip is more like a Workation.
by Snohio August 24, 2011
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Related to staycation - but instead of taking vacation time off and staying at home - one reports to work but goofs off. Related to "homeing from work" and "furlough time" - however this is goofing off for goofing off's sake, not for any ulterior motive. Workations usually involve post hangover-days, post-special project deadlines, and generally any time you're just tired of work and need a break.
Dan: "What did you have on the agenda for today Sarah?"

Sarah: "I'm going to finish these TPS reports this morning, and after lunch I think I'll take a workation and check out eBay and"

Dan: "You're fired."
by @theosus October 26, 2009
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