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Government service jargon and employee shorthand for defrauding taxpayers. Used as a noun, and certainly never as a verb, it describes a state-of-being generally accompanied by euphoria and giddiness from stealing from the “man.” Except, in this case, it is not the “man”, it is the people. The state-of-being derives from sweet contracting side gigs while sitting at home on the government dime, saving both on childcare and gasoline for your new sweet SUV that you only have drive to “work” two days a week.

Although the state-of-being is generally continuous, it is sometimes interrupted by home chores, trips to Sam’s Club, meetings with side gig clients, and lines at Starbucks. The state-of-being is highly contagious among peers, and newcomers are taught to be giant assholes by the veterans until the impotent management says “fuck it, I’d rather these turds stay at home in bliss than interrupt my web surfing, and if I am the only one at work, it makes me look important.”
“I get so much more done when I work@home.”
by UnderemployedMBA March 02, 2011
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