When a classic word of the day is crappy and you feel like you have wasted several minutes reading it, and you know you will never use it.
driver's arm, cubicle speed and overvite are the most recent words of the day, but in reality they are considered by the public to be word of the gays
by jbn May 11, 2007
When the urban dictionary word of the day is boring and is on the front page for 4 weeks
Honestly, today's word of the day is more like today's word of the gay.
by BigSmoke40 November 23, 2020
A term used to display one's anger and dismay at Urban Dictionary, who've consistently chosen to reject a sad individual's persistent attempts to coin a witty Facebook/Twitter/internet/current affairs related unword as 'word of the day'.
Sad Individual: I fucking hate Urban Dictionary and its WORD-OF-THE-GAY.
by Lord_Danbury February 4, 2011