1) A very weak character or girly kind of male.

2) An expression to get a friend or others you are talking to attention as to how weak or feministic either they or others are acting.
1) That guy is so pathetic, He couldn't even throw the ball as far as from first base to the pitching mound. Man what a woosy!

2) "Guys as your coach today, you really played like a bunch of girls, I hate to say it but, you really played like a bunch of woosies, And you Ray was the biggest woosy of all today."
by BBbrewer December 26, 2007
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wimp/pussy. simply combine the two words for woosy. easier to say in fron tod grandma when tellin off your little brother.
stop being a fuckin woosy about jumping....
by uncle daddy December 2, 2004
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means a loser or someone really dumb
morgan nagel is a woosy!!
by bbg October 28, 2004
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the act of being useless, irrelevant or completely lame.
Damn mayne, you being real woosie right now!
by yaboysnoman July 21, 2010
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Noun-Woo-See-A Cat. Usually a really cute one.
Ex. 1) "Awww it's a little woosie...Come here woosie...Come here little woos"

Ex. 2) "Look at all the woosies!!"
by Misty Sauna August 2, 2009
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(v) The act of pulling a fast one or getting over on an unsuspecting friend, co worker, or significant other.
I thought my girlfriend was working nights at her job, come to find out she had another boyfriend. She pulled a wam-woosy!
by Frank Shady July 26, 2010
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