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A term to express excitement, joy or happiness. Also can be typed as 'woooooopaaaaa' when necessary. Basically wooopaaa is an upgrade of the words woohoo and yay.
use it wisely.
Max let out a big 'WOOOOPAAA' when he saw Callan again for the first time in weeks.

by Callan VH November 07, 2007
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A woopa is the accidental slippage of your finger while delivering a dirty sanches to your bitch. After your shitty finger slips between her lips and over her tongue you may utter the word "woopa". If the woopa is intentional or premeditated the word is pronounced "whoopahhhh" rather loudly and excessive swagger can be heard in the voice. Woopapa is when a father does either of these to his daughter.
"That nasty bastard put a dirty sanches on me and then slipped me a woopa on top of it.

(dirty sanches is performed and man forces his finger across woman's tongue, with a resounding "whoopahhhh"
by Ms Blumpkin June 16, 2006
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