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Someone who lives near, but NOT in, Liverpool.
He's not a scouser, he's a wooly back.
by definition April 5, 2005
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A wool is short for the Liverpool term Wooly Back which is a derogatory expression for people from lancashire and cheshire, originating from the early 1900's when the population of lancashire used to wear a form of sheepskin coat and was considered to be a sheep shagger by scousers.

This of course has not changed much, except the lancashire and cheshire fashion sense has got worse
a Liverpool football song from the 70's

There's a wooly over there
baggy kecks and feathered hair
with a 3 star jumper half way up his back
thats a f8cking wooly back
by Tommy w October 5, 2005
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A wooly back is Someone who lives in one of the Suburban Middle Class villages near but NOT in, Portsmouth, wooly backs usually come from posh suburban villages such as Purbrook, Horndean, Bedhampton, Clanfield and Petersfield and drink in posh family Wine bars such as The Woodman
He's not a True Pompey fan, he's a wooly back.
by Paul Foxton August 11, 2021
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A wooly back is a Supporter of Havant & Waterlooville Football Club, they are called this because they Mainly live in Middle Class Suburbs like Purbrook and Wear sheep skin jackets
Mason Mount Is a wooly back
by Paul Foxton September 24, 2021
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Wooly Back Is Portsmouth Slang for somebody from The Suburbs, people from areas Such as Waterlooville, Purbrook, Bedhampton, Hambledon, Horndean and Denmead are known as Wooly Backs, Wooly Backs usually wear Sheep skin jackets and Follow Havant Football Club
"Those Wooly Backs wouldn’t last a second down here in the Town, they are so soft and useless"
by Pompey Cockney 657 October 7, 2021
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Uneducated scousers have a tendancy to call anyone outside of Liverpool a wool or wooly back.

Educated scousers understand that the term derives from textile production during the 19th century in Lancashire, more specifically St.Helens folk.
Ah he`s a fuckun wool lid!
Fuckun scruffy wooly back twats!
by wool dog February 5, 2011
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Wooly back is a term used to describe someone from the small farming communities, in Hampshire, of Havant and Waterloovile. The locals speak with a strange dialect, which is a hybrid between West Country and London Cockney.

The surrounding farming villages, Purbrook, Crookhorn, Horndean, Bedhampton and Cowplain are all a stone toss away. They attend all, home and away, Havant and Waterloovile FC fixtures. The blokes will dress up as scarecrows and their wives will wear their sheep skin jackets and fur boots. All clothing will be hand made and fashioned together in a rustic like manor.

Before home games they will drink in The Heron and The West Leigh.
A towny overheard a Wooly back trying to communicate:

Ize fram Point Seven ize is, ize been shopping in BP, we never been having a fuel problem”. “That polak served me, Dawid, he been smelling funny me babba”.

And “Ize can’t stop laffin when ize been shanting”.
by City Geezer October 19, 2021
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