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An Asian friend used as an accomplice (and catalyst) to pick-up women.
Chen is going to play wongman tonight at the bars--he's money with the ladies.
by Jeremy Ko November 17, 2007
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A wingwan when on the prowl for oriental chicks

Wongman is a friend that takes care of the ugly fatty friend or other oriental friend who is with the oriental fitty (usually an 8 or a 9) you want to get with.

The Wongman is also responsible for endorsing and elaborating on any crap you mention to the bird during the evening.

If you say you are a pilot your Wongman is forced to back up that story and any other bullsh1t you tell the oriental fitty.
Will was trying to pull a stunning Vietnamese girl however her cock blocking friend was in the way. Paul the wong man kindly stepped in and chatted up her ugly oriental friend Mei - taking one for the team in the process. This allowed Will to nail her friend.
by Szulc February 22, 2012
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