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To wongle is to rub the erect penis up and down your sleeping girlfriend/wifes ass crack to try and wake them up for sex. (You all know what I'm talking about!)
I was horny as fuck when I got in from the pub last night. I got into to bed and wongled the wife. She didn't wake up so i whacked one off and went to sleep!
by Rayzor October 11, 2006
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Also known as a Julia. It means smelly yet loveable.

But other than than, the word wongle is undefineable. Shame on you for looking up such a ridiculous word.
"I met Wongle on 'fresh yesterday, I thought she was smelly yet rather loveable."
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A small cute dog that doesn’t poop in the house and acts like a cat
I have Wongles with me in my car ..
by Amelio August 09, 2018
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