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wondrousavery is a username on instagram and she’s a limelight! (a fan of the manband: Why Don’t We) She’s pretty c00l and everybody should follow her. She’s kind and definitely doesn’t write descriptions about herself on urban dictionary websites👀
wondrousavery actually has a name and it’s Kaylee. Kaylee loves her followers and really wants to reach 1,000+. She’d appreciate if you supported her and followed her on instagram @wondrousavery
She’s in Jack Avery’s lane, but she loves all of the why don’t we boys so much. She’s overwhelmed and so happy she gets to see the boys live in concert in 2019!
wondrousavery has O.W.D.W.D. (Obsessive Why Don’t We Disorder.💀
Kaylee likes food, sleep, and cozy clothes and blankets. She enjoys running her instagram fan page and hates homework. Kaylee is an LGBTQ+ supporter and loves to spread positivity. When somebody is already negativity, she doesn’t call them names. She simply lets them know that they are being rude and offensive. If they continue to be harsh, she just leaves them alone because she has better things to do:) She loves her group chat called ‘Jachary’s Parents’ and will support them forever. The group chat actually has a whole account together on instagram: @jacharysparents
In conclusion, Kaylee (@wondrousavery on instagram) is very amazing and she loves why don’t we.
If you’ve read this far, why not follow @wondrousavery on instagram! OH AND FOLLOW KAYLEE’S BEST FRIEND: @corbyn_officialwdw (on instagram)😋
Have you seen that one Kaylee, wondrousavery girl on Instagram? She’s a real limelight and is so sweet! She’s ᏆᎾᏆᎯℒℒᎽ ᏆUℬUℒᎯℛ hahahaahhahahahahahahahah.

k i’ll stop now. just follow me plz. i’m desperate.
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by @wondrousavery October 08, 2018
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