I can't wait to write this wondo art history paper! (sarcastically)
Scott: Yo, what do you think about hittin' up this hella legit trail I found on Mt. Tam yesterday?

Dave: Dude that sounds wondo! Let's get 'er dun!
by runningman1228 May 2, 2011
Verb: The act of choking or losing when someone is given an easy victory.
Noun: The aftermath or someone choking and losing something.
Verb: He had a slam dunk and wondoed it and lost us the game.
Noun: Chris pulled a wondo after he cost us the World Cup.
by bombs over belgium July 3, 2014
A guy wearing a red and white striped turtle-neck who is constantly hiding in places and acting like people want to find him. A less successful cousin of Waldo.
Wheres Wondo? Oops thats Waldo.
by TayGoo February 16, 2008
A person who seems to think he knows karate, kung-fu, etc...But gets his ass kicked in a real fight
"I Am A Ninja", Said Wondo
by waitress in a box April 2, 2004
A person who compulsively lies, generates pure bs, and inserts himself into any situation so he can sound cool or be part of the group. Is not good at lying as to constantly be caught.
Matt is such a Wondo.
by Fo' Shizzle March 16, 2004
When one breaks into a window because thier parents are out of town, and dont have a way to get into the house, and don't want to talk to creepy neighbors.
DAMNIT JOHNIE! You can't stay home alone again becuase you'll pull another wondo.
by Ciaralala May 31, 2007
the sexiest, smartest, handsomest, dopest, illest, motha trucka you'll eva meet. he's got a big O'L wang too

Everyone - I HURD

nick wondo
by handsomeboi69 December 2, 2021