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Group with all the real WCW wrestlers in it...Sting, Nask, Konnan, Savage.
Didn't the whole Wolfpac defect to the WWF?
by Rodney Basil October 03, 2003
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Wolfpac is an ultra violent band, but their songs are really cool! - One of the members (Daddy Long Legs aka Micro Bo Bass) was in the Bloodhound Gang in the early days.
Did you heard the song Humpty Dance?
By Wolfpac?
Is it good?
Hell yeah!
by Urban Dictionary October 13, 2004
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The next stage of evolution of Bromance. A duo or trio of Male friends that are different from the norm and are bonded together through a pact of pure awesomeness. They spend most days spurting pure banter and chasing skirts. When in a Wolf-Pac one can acknowledge he is a member but may not disclose other members. Wolf-Pacs last for life.
"Hey babe you want to go shopping saturday?"

" Sorry babe It's a Wolf-Pac day"
by blindfire September 29, 2013
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A group of males that work in the oil sands of Alberta that are often refered as the cool guys. This groups members were orignated in early 2011. The orginal members are Corrigal,Crowshoe and Bird.
If your not in the wolf pac ur not one of the cool guys!!!
by Wolf#1 July 25, 2011
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