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Name of a flower that yields a blue coloured ink. Also can be used to describe facepainting that was used by the scots. (think Braveheart here)
Woads are beautiful flowers.
Mel Gibson's woad along with the skirt he was wearing made him look like a fruitcake in Braveheart.
by Alex January 22, 2004
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1.) Weapon Of Ass Destruction or Weapons Of Ass Destruction
2.) An extra long and thick penis
3.) Hedgehog Ron Jeremy
4.) Also a movie from porn industry based on Saddam Hussein's "imaginary" weapons of mass destruction
1.) "Hedgehog" Ron Jeremy is endowed with a W.O.A.D
2.) Certain races in Sudan and Somalia are genetically endowed with extra long and thick penises that can be categorized W.O.A.D
3.) MY buddy Omar has a W.O.A.D according to his girlfriends I have met.
by ShazzSpazz August 21, 2007
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woad is the name given to guys who say they can get girls but never do or take girls out and never get sex - they literally are a Waste Of A Dick. They normally hang out at the back of the club either with shades on trying to look like a footballer or they are found on the dancefloor dancing with everygirl - but they only ever get turned down.
Gus was on that girl Friday night - he didnt take her home though - shes such a woad.

Vinh has taken her out about 8 times now and STILL no sex? what a woad.
by italianblack March 03, 2011
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like woa but kooler waaaay kooler
(like woa to the max)
she: what do you think?
he: woad
she: i diddnt kno u were so kool!
by My Name is Better Than Yours October 09, 2006
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Woad is a woman's vagina which is as wide as it is deep. It makes a perfect mate with the man counterpart, Choad.
"I can never get laid! As soon as the guys see my Woad they run".

"Don't worry Lafonda. I know this good lookin' guy with a Choad. I'll hook you up".
by Gilbadon July 19, 2010
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WithOut A Doubt. Often used as an agreement to twss.
Mike: "Dude, it's so long, and hard too..."
Brandon: "TWSS!!"
by Joe Sabs April 26, 2007
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"Woah dude, that guitar solo was pretty woads!"

"The show tonight is gonna be woads!"
by Skrattles October 23, 2018
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