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To ruin an otherwise dope song with a shitty, repetitive verse a la Wish Bone from Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, whom was notorious for compromising the group with his shitty raps.
"You like that song?"
"I did till that nigga jumped on and wish-boned that shit. Had to turn to the next track"
by Mistah Loki November 27, 2013
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A member of Bone Thugs N Harmony.

Wish Bone is a cleveland based rapper,and is part of one of the best rap groups ever,Wish Bone is the only Bone member to not have released a solo record,but he is expecting to release one in 2006. Wish Bone is often considered the worst rapper of Bone Thugs,but he is largly under-rated,and still has skills better than any rapper of today,Wish Bones skills are tight,and his style is ill.

Wish Bone had beef with Bizzy Bone,but the beef was later squashed,and they are friends again.
Wish Bone(AKA Straight Jacket,Big Wish)is definately one of the best rappers of today,though he gets no credit for it.
by bulletz144 November 19, 2005
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1. a man has legs in the air spread and to people rip them like a regular wish bone and it rips at the pelvis and probly hurts like hell
2. a bone people call lucky in some gay game
3. a rapper in bone thugs n harmony
1 wish bone is the worst pain ever
2 lets play the gay wishbone game!
3 that bone concert kicked ass. wish bone is great
by beary d July 09, 2003
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1. a forked bone in front of the breastbone in a bird consisting chiefly of the two clavicles fused at their median or lower end.

2. football formation, a variation of the T formation in which the halfbacks line up farther from the line of scrimmage than the fullback does.
Willis and Arnold broke the wishbone at Thanksgiving dinner.

If I were a football coach I would run the wishbone.
by rome clone December 01, 2004
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v. A prank pulled on a friend that involves two people sneaking up on the person and each grabbing a different leg. Both pull forcefully in different directions like one would on a wishbone from an Thanksgiving turkey. This causes severe pain the the groin and loins.
"Hey man, whats wrong?" James asked Henry who was rubbing his groin in a painful manner.
"I just got wishboned!"
by Stephen October 27, 2004
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A woman on top gently riding her man's cock after he came because the sex is so hot she doesn't want to stop. But he can't keep up.
I wanted to keep going, but he needed to rest first, so I kept myself busy doing some wishbone. Wishes do come true!
by isadorable February 28, 2015
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The Wishbone is an act of love making which involves more than one person with at least one male partner in play. During the infancy of the act, it is the goal of the male partner(s) to stimulate his/their genitalia. As the arousal reaches near its climax, it is the responsibility of the male(s) to direct the sexual member(s) at the pre-designated collaborator – preferably a female to boast a distinguishable contrast from the remaining party – in order to coat this individual with a “shower of overwhelming win” (see Wikipedia’s entry on “bukkake”). After the showering has been completed, the next stage of the proceedings involves a strike to the left eye of the aforementioned collaborator with the objective of leaving a noticeable bruise. These initial three phases are in preparation for the fourth and final phase. At this point in the act, character parts are specified to each affiliate in the gathering – with the showered upon member as the lead – from a tale of classical literature for role-playing with the purpose of drawing parallels from the aforesaid literature and any experienced dilemmas in the affiliates’ lives in the same fashion as the children’s television show, Wishbone, with the possible intention of a therapeutic outlet. It should be noted that the goal of the shower of overwhelming win and strike to the left eye is to duplicate the appearance of the Jack Russell Terrier in the leading role of the series.
Friend #1: “So what did you do last night?”
Friend #2: “I got together with a couple of the guys and our special lady friend, and we Wishboned.
Friend #1: “Wait, what does “Wishboned” mean?”
Friend #2: “Look it up on Urban Dictionary; it’s where I got the idea from.”
(minutes later)
Friend #1: “Oh wow, did someone seriously turn Wishbone into a creepy sexual fetish?”
Friend #2: “Yeah, and what’s wrong with that? You shouldn’t knock it 'til you’ve tried it.”
Friend #1: “First of all, no thanks. And to answer your question, despite the fact that this entry fits the definition of wrong, the person that wrote it seemed to have probably spent a disturbing amount of time to make this sound pretty eloquent.”
Friend #2: “Oh yeah? Big deal. He can do what he wants because this is America.”
Friend #1: “Alright, that was strangely patriotic, so I’ll allow it.”
by H. Balzac October 24, 2008
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