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To urinate. Masculine derivative form of the longer "winkie-tinkie" used by Madeline Kahn's character Trixie Delight in the 1973 Peter Bogdanovich film PAPER MOON.
"I really need to go winkus before I go blind."
by Craig Duckett December 05, 2003
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Winkus - (n.) 1. A winking anus; the rapidly fluctuating aperture of an anus in turmoil. 2. Ned Cannon
To hearty cheers from all involved, the winkus erupted, spraying fecal matter against the faux leather seat of the Ford Taurus.
by Horus Perineum, PhD April 11, 2003
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A baby, toddlers, or small child's penis.
Our 2 year old Jonathan ran into the living room with his hand in his diaper as his 4 year old sister Melody screamed out - "Stop wanking your winkus!!!!!"
by Rumblygrumbly September 21, 2016
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Winkus: noun
'to steal one's winkus'
A term or phrase used to describe the action of performing a riposte on an enemy or boss whilst playing as a critical attack or dagger based build in the videogame, darksouls.
Pontiff Sulyvahn (boss): *goes in for a powerful hit*
Player1:*parrys and goes in for the high damage dagger riposte*
Player2: "take his winkus, now!"
Player1: "Your winkus is mine pontiff!"
by DaRK_sOulS_FoX March 02, 2019
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