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pernounced like'wino', winehoe shares a similar if not the same definition. A person(s) who indefinitaly consumes wine spirits alcohol etc. Yet can most comminly by found nearest to the closest vineyard and/or bar perched on one elbow whinning the woes of consumption around to all who may hear.
Females most of the time are jobless 2x + divoreced, possilbly under sized cloths.
Male winehoes enjoy using bars or winerys to bring Multi-on the side dates or Picking up on every walking woman at every place until they get a very unaware woman(or man)to BITE!
#1 bartender>"Did you guys see who that Roger guy took home today? What a WINEHOE!"
#2 Mindi lives, eats, drinks and fucks from things she finds at the bar.
by T2daL August 16, 2008
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