The act of drinking wine and eating cheese together.

See netflix-and-chill
We about to wine-and-cheese the fuck out.
by Sir-sonsa-lot March 30, 2019
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Music genre often played in upscale restaurants and lounges.
Defined by vaguely ethnic elements, soothing vocals, and a non-commital background vibe.

Also known as music with no balls.

Wine and Cheese is perfectly exemplfied by the Hotel Costas and Buddah Bar complilations.

Gives the listener a sense of sophistication which in turn renders them willing to overpay for drinks and dinner
by agencydjs June 5, 2011
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Wine and Cheese Liberals are affluent, live in tony suburbs, and drive SUVs, but vote Democratic. They "support" public education, but send their own kids to private school. Their opinions are politically correct, and are usually expressed as fashion statements rather than as analytical observations.
I was in Whole Foods yesterday, and saw a Wine and Cheese Liberal buying some arugula.
by tom0942 April 23, 2010
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what do you call a room half full of women with PMS and half with yeast infections?
... a wine and cheese party
see the above joke for the defination of wine and cheese party
by Ryan T and Josh I November 12, 2007
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When you pour a box of wine into a vagina w/ a yeast infection and she quirts it back into your mouth.
I want to try a Wine and Cheese Party w/ my gf, but I don't wanna stain the carpet in the back of my van.
by Jim Stammers January 24, 2012
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Code word for girls night out in which they proceed to talk shit about men they don't like, usually accompanied by wine or some other alcoholic beverages and of course cheese.
Last night i invited my friends for wine & cheese, we proceeded to talk about and his lack of social abilities.
by Kaikershhez May 29, 2020
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