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a relatively unknown homosexual photographer of pictures for the gay community, from england. born in 1956, william was a normal boy who wanted to be famous, although had not an idea how to achieve it at the time. in 1983 he attended an amateur photography event and came second. he decided in 1984 that this was his calling in life and went on to create a few masterpieces, including, the italian job, taken in venice, italy, the trifle tower, in paris, france, and most curiously of all, the crown jewels, taken outside buckingham palace, in london, england. these photographs were all taken on unknown dates, from 1986 to 1991. after the latter photograph, the crown jewels, was released, much controversy was created around these photographs and after it was released, no more works were known to be released by him, although certain photographs are suspected to have been created under an alias, so nobody could question his works. since 1995 nothing was heard of william jackson, and to this day his whereabouts are unknown, although he moved to poland in 1993 with his husband of 10 years at the time, bogdan yolanski, whos whereabouts are also unknown, it is not known where he is, whether hes dead or alive, whether hes still married to bogdan or not, or even the country he lives in. it is speculated he now lives in russia, with some kind of job involving the millitary. nobody can really say for sure where he is or what he does and at the age of 53 he is still young enough to make a comeback but due to the fact he was unknown at the beginning of his career, he probably would not be recognised if he were to attempt a comeback.
the history of william jackson, a publisher of homosexual oriented photography. a great influence to many dedicated photographers.
by oi bastard April 24, 2009
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