Greatest beer pong player of all time. Often called the goat.
You guys want to play beer pong? Of course we do just as long as you dont invite will scott. Hes the goat
by Real OG Mudbone June 30, 2018
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1. An alternative name for a vibrator or dildo.
2. Your snatch's best friend.
1. Honey, will you get me a scott-scott for Christmas.
2. The community scott-scott ran out of batteries.
3. Laura must be so loose because her scott-scott is huge.
by Scott Scott March 26, 2008
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meaning sexx.
or a totally rad person..
who is extremely sexxxy.
kristen: that boy is so scott scott
yolanda: i agree
by a;lsdkfj;lsaf September 14, 2008
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Normally a chill laid back guy is a Scott. Scott’s aren’t afraid to try something new especially if it’s food and they love their alcohol. A Scott normally has a penis 7+ inch’s.
Scott’s a chill dude
by Figgy August 17, 2018
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He’s that guy that you wake up everyday for. Scott always has a smile on his face and he always makes others happy with his infectious laugh. Everybody loves him although he may not see it. He’s spectacularly awesome but really humble about it and sometimes self-conscious about himself, when he should own it. Scott’s cute and his personality makes him even better looking. Talented, funny and well loved, what’s not to love about him. All the girls love him because he’s just Scott, no other way to describe him. If you ever meet him, know that you’ve found your soulmate and never let him go. You won’t be the same without him.
Yo, you know that Scott dude, he kicks ass
Girl 1: You know Scott?
Girl 2: Of course everyone knows him!
Girl 1: Yeah, he really is special
by Dreamondreamer April 2, 2020
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Someone who is likely to randomly steal or delete your kneecaps at anytime without prior consent and/or warning.
Person: SCOTT!!!
wtf are you doing!?!?

Scott: give me your fucking kneecaps!
by Langlespank November 12, 2020
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When the thought came to you to search the word Scott, you likely became aroused. Typing the word probably gave you a raging hard-on or, most likely, made you wet as an Hawaiian evening on a black-sand nude beach. Reading the word Scott almost certainly rocked your world with one of the most intense verbal induced orgasms of your life. Don't change your pants yet, because there are still more Scott definitions to read. And for those who would consider dating an ex girlfriend of a Scott, don't try it. These women are used Scotts, and will not be satisfied with anything else unless sexually starved for seven years, which is how long it takes for every cell in the body to be replaced.
Monica: Ever since I started dating a Scott I have needed to triple my caloric intake due to the sheer severity and instances of spontaneous orgasms I have experienced.

Rob: As your brother I am kind of unhappy that you told me that.
by Millhouse's Dog March 31, 2011
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