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Using Wikipedia to unearth tidbits of knowledge for the purpose of bringing them up in conversation, in a despondent effort to make oneself seem smarter.
Typical subjects of wikifarming include theoretical physics, trivia from sitcoms, basic psychology, the works of Nostradamus, Shakespeare's tragedies, statistics from practically any organized sport (most often football or baseball), the Renaissance, and pretty much anything that could make one appear more knowledgeable in front of the right people. Usually fails.
A. "I was doing some research last night, and I found out that any four-dimensional object in four-dimensional space will cast a three-dimensional shadow. Turns out, most physicists agree that little, if anything, can be gained scientifically from assuming the fourth dimension to be time, but rather as another spatial axis, which is how..."

B. "Someone's been wikifarming."
by that_tall_fellow June 23, 2009
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