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1) any person who accepts everything posted on Wikipedia as fact
2) especially any person who knows that anyone can post on there and still uses it as an attempted credible source
1) Josh- Yeah that's totally true. I read it on Wikipedia
Jane- Wikidiot (bad example, but it works)
2) Josh was such a Wikidiot that he used Wikipedia as a source in his thesis paper.
by Ali the Strange April 30, 2007
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A user of a wiki, especially wikipedia who often change or eliminate articles, citing protocol and rules, often to the chagrin of others. Typically derogatory. (Portmanteau of "wiki" and "idiot")
"This article was great until the wikidiots got to it"
by Tutsuro July 08, 2007
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Some ignorant fool who is too stupid to look something up on wikipedia.
Melissa - Why do Chinese resteraunts have fortune cookies when they were invented by the Japenese?
Brett - Why don't you look it up on wikipedia?
Melissa - I don't like wikipedia.
Brett - Well you are a dumb wikidiot.
by Brett234 June 09, 2008
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